The Coco Loom Journey

Meet Coco Loom’s Turkish Towels

Coco Loom was born out of a passion for travel. We love traveling and we love traveling light. Who doesn’t want to keep their traveling bags to a minimum while knowing they have access to the softest towels that dry as fast as they can say “to the beach”? 

Made out of 100% Turkish Cotton, these ultra-lightweight towels are flat woven in the hands of local artisans on authentic looms in Turkey. Classic Turkish towels have been used in hammams (Yes, those steamy Turkish baths you’re dreaming about.) since the 6th century. Thanks to their versatility and ease of use, they have recently made a huge come back in all colors and patterns.
So we wanted to create our own line of Turkish towels and also to support the creativity that we are surrounded with. We asked artists whose style we are in love with to think of the towel as a blank canvas and just play with it. The results went beyond our expectations, and now we have these unique works of art that are waiting to be shipped in their individual pouches to your home and become a part of your journey.

Well, we also know our physical journeys cost the environment quite a bit. That’s why we wanted to give back to an invaluable population that is incredibly important to the wellbeing of our planet and our survival: Pollinators. 1% of every purchase you make from our store will go towards pollinator conservation programs. 🐝 🦋🌺

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