Coco Loom Turkish Towels

Made with care, attention to detail, and to the highest quality. Coco Loom towels are an investment that will last many years, and better yet, it will only improve with use. Every wash adds to the softness and absorbency, so your towel will become even more softer and absorbent the more you use it.

Reusable packaging

To eliminate the need for plastic and waste in our packaging, we designed a carrying pouch made out of 100% Turkish cotton. Each Coco Loom towel comes in its own handmade pouch that is water resistant, breathable and will keep your towels clean and hygienic while making their journey with you.

super soft Turkish towels 100% organic cotton. Packable zen

From Hammam to Om

Our towels' smoother, longer organic cotton fibers give each weave a distinctively soft feel and airy, quick-drying quality. Did you know classic Turkish towels have been used in hammams (Yes, those steamy Turkish baths you’re dreaming about.) since the 6th century ? Packable Zen.

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Roll out a daily escape, turkish towels are up for anything daydream to destination.

Roll out a Daily escape

Coco Loom eco-luxe towels are up for anything, daydream to destination.

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